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13.12.2012:    QPxtool-0.7.2 released

changelog since 0.7.1
  • initial Blu-Ray media support
  • fixed binary stripping in MacOSX
  • Lite-On plugin: added new CD ERRC commands (fixes low test speed on some devices)
  • BD ERRC test on Lite-On drives
  • CD and BD FE/TE test in Lite-On plugin implemented, DVD FE/TE test fixed
  • DVD FE/TE test in BENQ plugin works now
  • some AutoStrategy-related fixes
  • fixed translation loading in win32
  • fixed tests summary updating on results loading
  • Drag-and-Drop support for results loading
  • results can be stored in database now

11.05.2010:    QPxtool-0.7.1 static win32 build

built under minGW, mingwm10.dll included, no additional files needed

27.03.2010:    QPxtool-0.7.1_002 released

changelog since 0.7.1
  • some AutoStrategy-related fixes in gui
  • fixed binary stripping in MacOS X

16.03.2010:    QPxtool-0.7.1 released

changelog since 0.7.0
  • added qscand and qpxtool man pages, just description now (Thomas Maguin)
  • some fixes in Makefiles created by 'configure'
  • extended BENQ CD ERCC test
  • added POE info to BENQ DVD ERRC test
  • fixed ERRC speeds in BENQ plugin
  • DVD FE/TE test in Lite-On plugin implemented (speed graph is not valid)
  • fixed starting address in generic 'C2P' plugin
  • added blacklist in Lite-On plugin: HL-DT-ST devices and TEAC CD-W552E
  • fixed displaying saved SilentMode tray speeds
  • fixed some typos
  • readdvd: disabling read cache if possible
  • fixed DVD ERRC algo for drives based on MediaTek chipsets (Lite-On, TSST)
  • fixed write transfer rate test on DVD+RW
  • fixed info about last block in read transfer rate test
  • internal write transfer rate implementation
    • CD-R(W) (SAO & TAO write modes supported, TAO is used by default)
    • DVD-R(W), sequential write only (only single layer media tested)
    • DVD+R(W) (only single layer media tested)
    • DVD-RAM
  • gui:
    • added German translation (Thomas Maguin)
    • some interface changes
    • some fixes in print preview
    • Plextor MQCK results shows correctly now
    • independent Jitter/Asymmetry scaling
    • does not loose media info then selecting plugin
    • fixed displaying saved SilentMode speed limits
    • fixed bugs with lrelease (thanks to Carsten Lohrke)
    • media info autoupdating (gui depends on libqpxtransport now)
    • reports autosaving
    • autostart tests on inserted media
    • default tests for blank and written media setting
    • ejecting media after tests finished

24.12.2009:    QPxtool-0.7.0 released

changelog since 0.7.0 RC4
  • printpreview mostly rewritten to workaround QTextDocument margins bug
  • added russian translation

08.12.2009:    QPxtool-0.7.0 RC4 released

changelog since 0.7.0 RC3
  • libqpxyamaha: additional checks for raw files
  • implemented results saving/loading functions
  • some fixes in printpreview
  • changed printpreview rendering mode for QT 4.4+ (much faster)

23.11.2009:    QPxtool-0.7.0 RC3 released

changelog since 0.7.0 RC2
  • NEC scan plugin: fixed returning drive to normal operation after test finished
  • probing implemented in all plugins
  • spec file: libs package splitted from main, paths fixed
  • qscan: added spare area info for DVD-RAM media
  • fixed write transfer rate could not start on DVD+R on non-PLEXTOR drives
  • fixed reading DVD+R capacities on ASUS DRW-2014

09.11.2009:    QPxtool-0.7.0 RC2 released

changelog since 0.7.0 RC1
  • fixed some bugs with big-endian CPU's (tested on SPARC)
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02.11.2009:    QPxtool-0.7.0 RC1 released

changelog since 0.7.0-pre6
  • spec file: qpxtool separated to 3 packages: main, devel, gui
  • man pages: device names section is for all supported platorms now
  • added test speeds reporting by plugins
  • libqpxtransport: bus scaning code reworked
  • gui: fixed test capabilities updating when selecting plugin

18.10.2009:    QPxtool-0.7.0-pre6 released

changelog since 0.7.0-pre5
  • works under FreeBSD again (tested in 7.2)
  • mans path changed to man1 (except pxfw one)
  • added some path options to configure script
  • some MacOSX fixes in configure script
  • some code cleanup
  • fixes in transport code
  • some minor bugfixes
  • gui:
    • added color presets
    • added qscan plugin selection
    • optimized print preview

01.10.2009:    QPxtool-0.7.0-pre5 released

changelog since 0.7.0-pre4
  • added parameters to configure script
  • successfully builds on OpenBSD (needs GNU Make) all features work with libpng qt4 installed
  • some fixes for 64-bit machines

22.09.2009:    QPxtool-0.7.0-pre4 released

changelog since 0.7.0-pre3
  • added configure script
  • successfully builds on NetBSD (needs GNU Make), cli only
  • some fixes in results printing/saving
  • readdvd: output image file option '-i' changed to more obvisious '-o'

11.09.2009:    QPxtool-0.7.0-pre3 released

changelog since 0.7.0-pre2
  • another fixes in error correction results
  • TA graph added to printed/saved results

31.08.2009:    QPxtool-0.7.0-pre2 released

changelog since 0.7.0-pre1
  • fixed average values in error correction results
  • fixed build on x86-64 systems

25.08.2009:    QPxtool-0.7.0-pre1 released

changelog since 0.6.1:
  • win32 (mingw32) and experimental MacOS X support
  • qpxtool GUI completely rewritten using Qt4 (GUI is just frontend now)
  • deadreader renamed to readdvd
  • merged pxcontrol and pioquiet (named cdvdcontrol now)
  • added qscan: console quality scan tool
  • added qscand: network wrapper for qscan
  • added f1tattoo: DiscT@2 tool for Yamaha CRW-F1
  • qpxtool (gui)
    • simultaneous scan on multiple drives
    • logarythmic/linear scale for error correction graph
    • user defined graph colors
    • results printing
  • readdvd
    • multithread reading using multiple drives
    • CSS-protected DVD's reading
  • cdvdcontrol
    • added DVD+R(W) testwrite control
    • added MQCK support
  • pxfw
    • supports Premium-2
    • fixed eeprom reading on Premium and PX-712
    • fixed Premium checksum calc error
  • and more...