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What is cdvdcontrol?

cdvdcontrol is part of the QPxTool suite for CD/DVD media. It is a command line tool to control the generic features of cd/dvd writers and the vendorspecific features like in Plextor and Pioneer devices. The available features are well known from the QPxTool Device Controls button. Further ASDB export and import on PX-760 is supported.

  • Speedsettings
  • AutoStrategy
  • BitSetting
  • DiagnoseMode
  • GigaRec
  • Hide-CDR
  • operating time
  • PlexEraser
  • PoweRec
  • SecuRec
  • SilentMode
  • SingleSession
  • Simulation
  • SpeedRead
  • VariRec.

for further operations read the cdvdcontrol manpage