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What is qscan ?

qScan is part of the QPxTool suite for CD/DVD media. It is a command line tool to control q-check funtions of cd/dvd writers.

Keep an eye on the pulldown menu for Plugin selection. The available q-checks are well known from the QPxTool gui Run Tests button.

  • Read Transfer Rate - all vendors
  • Write Transfer Rate
  • Error Correction
  • Jitter/Asymmetry
  • Focus/Tracking
  • Time Analyzer

for further operations read the qscan manpage

What is qscand ?

qScand is a network wrapper, which gives you access to all yout cd/dvd that are reachable throuch your network cable. You just need to start qScand on those systems and all devices are accessable with qScan and / or QPxTool.

for further operations read the qscand manpage